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Products provided
*  Sales & Repair Geothermal Systems Commercial & Residential
*  Sales Air filters Commercial & Residential
*  Sales & Repair Electric Motors
*  Sales & Repair Variable Frequency Drives (Nexdrive, ABB,Danfos,Cutter,  Eaton)
*  Sales & Repair Air source Heat Pumps (House & Pool) (Low Temp)
*  Sales & Repair Commercial Refrigeration AC & Chillers
*  Sales & Repair Custom Built Electrical & Automation Panels (UL & ULC)
*  Sales & Repair Steam Humidifiers
*  Sales & Repair Motor Soft starts
*  Thermograph and power disturbance analyst
*  Air Balancing & Fume Hoods
*  Sales & Repair & Programming Motor Controllers & PLC & BAS
*  Sales & Repair Pump Systems and Booster's
*  Sales & Repair Geothermal Supplies
*  HVAC  (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
*  Product Assembly Work & Contracts
*  Import / Export Goods
*  Product Commissioning
*  Property Management, Services and Property functions
*  Low Voltage Light Systems
*  Press Controls Repairs
*  Mfg Of Special Application Heat Pumps (Custom)
*  Mfg Of Speed Controls
*  Solar panels and Wind gen Equipment
*  Sales & Repair Nexdrive ac drives
*  Sales & Repair Tandem chillers
"" The bitterness of poor Products, Workmanship and Service remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten ! ""

KCS is one of Ottawa's leading firms with professional sales and service of Geothermal Systems, Variable Frequency Drives, Motor Controls, Fabrication Controls and Panel Design, Humidification, Modular Chillers, Filters and more.

Our HVAC expertise spans more than a decade and we offer innovative yet practical solutions to each one of our clients. Our Knowledge of the industry is second to none, and our range of available HVAC products is extensive. Over the years we have successfully worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from office buildings, laboratories, airports, medical facilities, conference centers and residential dwellings.

KCS is a service oriented company with specialized knowledge in manufacturing, distributing and installing a wide range of HVAC and Industrial products.